Basic Computers

The Basic Computers course is a 16-week, open enrollment program that covers Microsoft Windows, Internet use, AND client-based and web-based software applications so that students can be successful with 21st century technology. The program is delivered in a hybrid manner: direct instruction is provided through in-person and virtual workshops and curriculum and assignments are accessed through the online Learning Management System. Because of the hybrid nature of the class, students with a variety of skill levels can take the class and get personalized assistance from the instructor to be successful.

Students learn to operate MS Windows, to effectively navigate the Internet, to use key Microsoft Office 2013 applications (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), and to use the Google Suite of products Students also learn to make an employment portfolio (resume, cover letter, email template, references, and work samples). Enrollment is open as students can enter the program and stay for 16 weeks to learn all modules.

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