We offer MS Office and computer science courses that prepare students for the technology they will face in the 21st century office environment.

Office Systems for the 21st Century (Microsoft Office)

This Microsoft Office course covers application software, networks, and the Internet so that students can be successful in the 21st century office environment. The courses focuses on hardware and software and how they work together, the relationship between networks and the Internet, and the four key Microsoft Office 2013 applications: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access.

No book purchase required.

Business Technology

This introductory technology class prepares students for the modern office environment. Students learn to create business correspondence, reports, publications, and forms and to establish a professional presence in the world of social media. To achieve these objectives, students learn the basics of computer operating systems, use client-based and cloud-based applications for word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations. Students will make an employment portfolio and a LinkedIn profile that shows acquisition of marketable job skills. Course content includes Google Apps for work, education and collaboration, LinkedIn, and all components of the portfolio: resume, cover letter, email template, references, and work samples.

Intro to Computers

This course covers basic computer functions such as using Windows OS and a basic understanding of MS Office (Word, PowerPoint, and Excel). Flash drive required for class.